The 8 Rules For Talking Dirty (Without Being Totally Awkward)

dirty talk


The do’s and don’ts for SEXY dirty talk.

When we’re getting sexy, we’re all about taking the seduction and anticipation up a few notches, and talking dirty can be a route to a whole new level of excitement.

The foundation for good (and fun) dirty talk is the same as other components of a healthy sexual relationship — good communication with your partner up front about what you like.

But it’s not without its rules. “Without some pre-session understanding you might find out that being called ‘Daddy’ is something your man finds uncomfortable and squawky and not sexy mid stroke,” says erotic author Jacky Lang. Or you could discover that your female partner was dying to hear in graphic detail how her body smells, tastes and feels… after an unsatisfying and boring romp in the sheets.

1. Word choice matters.

“Don’t talk about Dirty Sanchezing her bearded clam or use red flag words. Don’t be unnecessarily clinical or explicit; nothing is going to make a guy softer (or a girl drier) than talking about volumetric blood flow to the genital region,” says Valentine.

Do be descriptive. Details make stories come to life, and essentially, talking dirty is all about details.

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